Apr 21, 2018
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Preschool Playtime 1&2
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Preschool Playtime 1&2

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Preschool Playtime CDs 1 & 2 teach the young child basic manners and behaviors such as greetings, interrupting, listening, waiting and apologizing through real-life social situations like a day at the park, in preschool or going to a play date. Unlike passive videos, this software allows the user to visually see the social interactions re-enacted by children and then choose what should be said or done next. In this fun, familiar, but safe environment, users can become increasingly aware of social expectations and more successfully interact with their peers.

This program includes 5 complexity levels and numerous videos to target a broad range of abilities. All levels include a fun and motivating social game of Duck, Duck Goose, Ring Around the Rosie, and Hide and Seek which is incorporated as the user plays the computer program. This program targets individuals with a cognitive age of 3-7 years and includes an easy-to-use lesson plan to customize the video sequences shown for each student.

All Social Skill Builder programs, including Preschool Playtime, automatically track each student's responses and provide a printout of their daily and long-term results, making social skills more objective.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista operating system
  • Mac OSX or above
  • 200 MHz or higher
  • 600 Megabytes of available hard-drive space
  • 4x CD-ROM drive
  • 16-bit color monitor
  • 800/600 resolution or better video-card compatibility
  • Mouse