About Us

We began when looking for pictures for our son's home-based early education program. We found it almost impossible to find a good range of quality printed pictures, which was the reason behind us developing our own USB with an extensive range. Today our software is used by thousands of parents, mainstream schools, ABA therapists, speech & language pathologists, psychologists and early intervention centres worldwide teaching those with a wide range of speech and language difficulties and delays. Parents of typical children also find the USB extremely useful for stimulating and expanding speech and language. The falling price of computers and color printers has created a trend away from buying expensive printed flash cards towards software such as ours containing many thousands of pictures that can be printed from a home PC to a color printer at a fraction of the cost. You can pay over a dollar for a printed flashcard, whilst printing from our USB works out to less than 1 cent per picture. Whatever your teaching method, our software is a very rich and valuable resource. Children with speech difficulties and conditions such as Autism, PDD and Down Syndrome all need help and they can all be helped. The keyword in early learning is "early" - a child is never too young to teach. The young mind has startling capabilities of memory and learning. Each day a child goes without learning something is a lost opportunity. After three years of intensive early intervention work done mostly at home we are very happy with our son's progress. He goes dancing and swimming, attends a mainstream school and reads at a level 2 years above his grade.