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NEW latest Flash! Pro3 version (now on USB) release!
The  BIGGEST  flashcard resource available worldwide!!

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We know that using good flashcards is vital in teaching and improving speech, language and communication.  However, a common mistake is to get only a limited range with only one instance of each image.  As any teacher will tell you, you must have many instances of each picture so your child can generalize what is being taught out in the real world.  Not only does our new USB have 15,000 printable flashcards in over 80 categories with multiple instances of each image, you can also view, resize and print (with or without labels) your own digital camera pictures easily, giving you a limitless teaching resource.

Language skills
By the age of seven years, a child needs to have a vocabulary of an astonishing 10,000 words. Without good language skills, a child is left alone or even picked on by other children. All children, including those with speech delays and disorders have the incredible potential to learn. They just need a helping hand. We produce computer software to develop a child's speech, language, communication and social skills.

Who uses our software?
Our easy-to-use software has helped many thousands of children worldwide.  It is used by mainstream schools, special schools, speech and language professionals and by parents worldwide helping their children at home.

What is our most popular product?
The Flash! Pro3 USB with a huge collection of over 15,000 color photographic flashcards in over 80 categories.  An easy-to-use program included on the DVD allows you to preview and print between 1 and 8 images per page. You can even view, resize and print your own digital camera images with or without labels to use as flashcards. This is our most popular product.

What are the benefits? 
You will save a lot of valuable time looking for good teaching material.
You will save a lot of money . You would need to spend thousands of dollars to purchase this many educational images elsewhere. Printing your own from the Flash! Pro3 works out to around one cent per picture.  We encourage you to compare our products and prices with our competitors throughout the world - you will find most will only have a few hundred images in a handful of categories.

What age group are these flashcards used to teach?
The images cover a huge range of categories and can be used for children of all ages.

What's special about the images?
The difference between our images and ordinary photographic images is our images are on a clear background to avoid distraction - an important factor when using images for speech and language. Click on the "Samples" tab above for samples and a full list of picture categories.

What are the other features?
With a single click of the mouse you can:
- view and print 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 pictures per page
- turn the
labels on or off
- display the
labels in uppercase or lowercase

This is an actual screenshot of the Flash! Pro3 USB
displaying just 6 of over 15,000 images.

Is it easy to use?
Yes. The software is extremely user-friendly and designed to be used by those with no computer experience.

Can you view and print your own digital camera images with the Flash! Pro3
Yes. In addition to over 15,000 images on the USB, you can also view, resize and print your own digital camera images with or without labels.

Can you import the pictures into Powerpoint or Word?
Yes. Although the Flash! Pro3 comes with a program to preview and print the pictures, the pictures are in JPG format and can easily be imported into Powerpoint or Word documents.

How does it work?
Click on the categories and select the pictures you want. The pictures will appear on the screen.
Click Print and you have your printed flashcards.
(To see how easy it is, click the "How it works!" tab above).

Will it work on your computer?
Yes the software will run on any PC with Windows 95 or higher including XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8.

Can someone call you right now to take a credit card phone order?
Yes. Click here or on the "Phone orders" tab above to enter your phone number. We will phone you within two minutes with no charge for the call. Talk to us if you're not sure which product to select. This free customer service line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can you order online?
Yes. Purchasing through our online system is fast, easy and completely secure. You do not need to register first .  To order online:
- Click on the
"Products" tab near the top of your screen
- Click on the product you wish to order
- Click on "Add to Cart"
  (if you cannot add the item to the cart, click here or on "Phone orders" above to get us to phone you back within two minutes)
- Click "Process order" (you can only get to this screen after clicking "Add to cart". You can amend your order at any time)
- Enter your billing information
  If you enter your phone number it must as in the following example: (704) 882 2194
- Click on "Continue"
- Scroll down to enter your credit card details
- Click "Submit order"
- Scroll down and click on "Continue Shopping" to go back to home page.

- We accept Paypal too!

Can you order by email?
Yes. Simply send us an email with:
- the product(s) you wish to order
- your postal address and contact phone number
- your credit card number, name on the card and expiry date
- email us at and we will email you back with an order confirmation.

Do we charge any tax?
No. Our products are all tax-free.

Is there a delivery charge?
No. We offer free delivery by airmail to any address worldwide.

What is the usual delivery time?
Five to seven days (USA, Canada and UK). Five to ten days for all other countries.

Do we market any other products?
Yes. We market the following software items as well:


SpeakingPix  is a CD-ROM which is like Flash! Pro3 but has a recorded voice or sound with each of 2000 images. The voices play when you click on the images.  Each voice can be easily re-recorded in any language.  You can also include your own digital camera images and those from the Flash! Pro3 DVD.


CompuThera on CD-ROM is an interactive software package for children who are visual learners. The software targets both the receptive and expressive cognitive skills and comes with a seven-step to reading manual.  IBM PC compatible only.

Discrete Trial Trainer on CD-ROM targets those with Autism and other learning disabilities. Based on the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) system of discrete trials and reinforcement.  Comes with full online support and printed manual.  IBM PC or compatible only.  View the online training video by clicking here (turn on your speakers first): 



My School Day  CD-ROM uses real life video to take the child into a typical school day, including the classroom, cafeteria and playground. This program allows the child to view appropriate interaction and social behaviors within the school environment and interact. IBM PC compatible. 
Watch video (turn on speakers):   

My Community CD-ROM teaches children and young people appropriate social behaviors, interactions, expectations and safety precautions with various peers and adults within their community. This CD incorporates video of real people interacting in different community settings such as a restaurant, doctor's office, friend's house, grocery store, and neighborhood and allows the user to predict what should be appropriately said or done next. This multi-level program targets individuals with a cognitive age of 5-15 years. This program is both Macintosh (OSX and above) and IBM PC compatible.
Watch video (turn on speakers): 

School Rules! Volumes 1 & 2 (Two CD Pack)

Volume 1 teaches acceptable behaviors during structured activities related to the classroom, group work, and physical education along with unstructured times of hallway interaction and lockers. This volume also targets the sensitive issues of PE locker room and personal hygiene.
Watch video (turn on speakers): 
Volume 2 teaches 
social interpretation skills during unstructured times where social rules are most challenging. This CD uses scenarios such as getting lunch, waiting in line, eating, talking to friends, or "just hanging out" to demonstrate social awareness. In addition, this volume also addresses time management, organizational skills and the use of schedules at school. Target Cognitive Ages 8-18. The programs are both Macintosh (OSX and above) and IBM PC compatible.
hallway interaction and lockers. This volume also targets the sensitive issues of PE locker room and personal hygiene.
Watch video (turn on speakers): 

To view our full product range or to order, click here.

Can we send you the software with an invoice?
Yes. With schools and professional organizations, we can send you the software with an invoice. You can send payment when you receive the goods. Simply email us your postal address, contact name, phone number and the software you require. Include a purchase order number if you have one.  Email us if you want us to send you a printable catalog and order form by email.
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My son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years and 3 months.  He had almost no speech and was a good way behind the other children of his age.  A month later he was on intensive one-on-one home-based therapy.  By five, he was in a regular mainstream school, totally indistinguishable from his peers.  Click here or on the "Autism" tab above to read what I have learned about the condition over the years and how I used my home computer to help him.

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